The hardest step when dealing with your high- risk child is picking up the phone and making a call for help. That’s because you feel like you are the only person going through this tumultuous nightmare. You are stressed to your limit.

Susan Magestro: “You are not alone. Magestro and Associates, LLC has worked with hundreds of cases, just like yours.”

What to expect? When you call us at 907-529-7151 all you have to say is,” I need some help with my child.” Then we will ask you a few questions. All information and consults are confidential and remain so indefinitely.

After our short telephone conversation, we will send you an Intake Form requesting some more specific information. We can email you the form, fax it to you, or send via US Mail. We will also schedule an intake appointment at that time. This intake appointment will usually last about two hours. We will meet you week nights and Saturdays to accommodate your “work schedule”. This is a meeting just for the parent(s), without the youth. During this time, we come up with a tentative plan. And lastly, we set up an appointment to meet your child.

Many parents worry about getting the child to an appointment with us. That is not a problem because we come to you. The initial meeting with the child is usually in your home. One parent must be in the residence when we meet with the child.

We accept Check, Cash, and Debit or Credit Cards for Visa or Master Card

Magestro & Associates, LLC provides the following prevention and intervention services for high-risk youth and families in the following areas:

  • Escalating Rage
  • Anger Issues
  • Youth Lacking Reality
  • Feelings of entitlement
  • Lack of motivation and responsibilities
  • At risk of being a school drop out
  • Expectation of privacy as a right not a privilege
  • Lack of personal honor
  • Youth is hanging with a friends engaged in high risk behaviors
  • Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Leaving Gangs/ Gang Crimes Problematic for Families
  • Domestic Violence Issues: Youth is the abuser, family members the victims
  • Minor’s Consuming Alcohol and ramifications for youth’s future
  • Developing positive values such as respect, responsibility, empathy
  • Youth lacking motivation, direction, and goal setting
  • Lessening self-indulgent and entitlement behaviors
  • Mental health issues affecting the family
  • Victims of bullying, crime, and violence
  • Victims of Cyber-Bullying
  • Problem solving approaches working with schools and other agencies
  • Developing assets for youth’s positive self-concept
  • Developing and using refusal skills
  • Grandparents “raising” high-risk grandchildren
  • Positive conflict resolution
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Critical thinking errors

You are not alone dealing with your high-risk youth.
We are here when you are ready to make that first step.
Call us at 907-529-7151

**We do not provide consultations, planning, and conclusion during the first phone call. There is always an Intake Meeting required.