*Bachelor of Science, Criminology, Arizona State University, Minor: Psychology
*Masters of Arts, Education, Alaska Pacific University
*Certification, Severe Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities, Arizona State University
*Certification, Learning Disabilities, Arizona State University

Professional Experience

Magestro & Associates, LLC, Anchorage, Alaska
Consultants with teens and parents in the areas of high-risk behaviors, victims of bullying, victims of cyber-bullying, physical violence, escalating anger, poly-victimization, minor’s consuming alcohol, gang violence, etc. Magestro & Associates, LLC offers techniques in de-escalating anger, domestic violence (teen abuser/ adult victim), as well as working with youth involved in high- risk behaviors, parents with “out of control” teens, providing support to families going through the criminal justice system with their teen.

2003 – Present

Magestro & Associates, LLC, Anchorage, Alaska
Investigations and trial preparations, expert court witness
Clients: municipalities, law enforcement agencies, fire departments,
school districts, oil companies, utility cooperatives, major retail stores
Central America:
Investigations: homicides, kidnappings, and the occult
Facilitator: International Accreditation of Crime Labs of Costa Rica (also home of the Crime Lab of the United Nations for Central and South America) International accreditation to include training, demonstrations of equipment, certification of staff in areas of forensic science, criminal psychology, legal medicine.
National Police Academy of Costa Rica: Topics: youth violence, school shootings, warning signs and causes of violent behaviors, bullying, fight clubs, gang activity and graffiti. (1999-2002)
Alaska and Lower 48:
Investigations involving:
-Crimes involving youth as victims and suspects, attempted murders, attempted
suicides-Attempted murders of children
-Fraud, personal injury, fatalities of children
-Youth violence
- School Shootings and threats of school shooting

Other Activities

Mayor’s Standing Advisory Committee on Diversity/Gang Task Force (2005 & 2006)
Life Crisis Intervention Training (2001)
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (2000)

Research: juveniles remanded into the adult system for violent crimes at Spring Creek Prison; Youthful Offender Program & Highland Mountain Correctional Center focusing on characteristics of youths academically, familial background, crime patterns, and social interactions. (10 years:

Project Hands Across America: Kids Helping Kids (1998 – 2000)
**(All activities involved hard working hands of formerly high-risk youth of Alaska)
*Fund raised $8,000. To build a school, a playground, and three sports fields for orphaned youth near Nicaragua. High-risk youth from Alaska participated in the success of this activity.
*Coordinated efforts to send children without uniforms to school in Central America with Mayor and Assembly of Santa Barbara, Costa Rica.
*Furnished baby nursery for baby of slain police officer.
*Provided and paid for an apartment for a homeless family.
*Provided funds to assist family with mounting medical bills.

Drug and Alcohol Coordinator, 1992
National Youth Sports Program/NCAA Anchorage, Alaska

Public Speaker: Center Against Sexual Assault
Writer: Arizona Republic Newspaper


Empowering the Victim: A New Approach to Stopping and Preventing Bullying by Susan Magestro and Pamela Gerloff. (2009)
Dignity for All, Pamela Gerloff (2008)
School Shooting, Joe Lieberman (2008)

Guest Speaking

*Arizona State University, Departments of Criminal Justice & Criminology (2010)
*Zonta (2010)
*Alaska Bar Association (2010 & 2011)
*Hobart School District, Indiana (2010)
*Valparaiso School District, Indiana (2010)
*Phoenix Unified School District (2009)
*Alaska Youth Safety Summit (2007)
*Anchorage Police Department ((SRO’s) 2007)
*International Forensic Science Conference (2004, 2005, 2006)
International Rights of the Children (2002)
*International Juvenile Fire Setters Conference, Investigating and Interviewing At Risk Youth (2004)
*International School Business Partnership Symposium (2001)
*Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Alaska (2001
*Ministry of Justice, Costa Rica, Law enforcement (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002)
Ministry of Justice, Costa Rica, Juvenile Corrections (training for first youth prison in the country)(2001, 2002)
*Ministry of Security, Costa Rica (2005)
Alaska Gateway School District (2006, 2007)
*Parent Community Meetings (2005-present)

1997 – Present
University of Alaska-Anchorage & Alaska Pacific University
Wrote and taught over 75 classes. Anchorage, Alaska (graduate level classes with focus in area of high risk youth, behaviors, violent youth, victims of cyberbullying.)
Course Titles:
Prospectus of Justice I: focuses on increased school violence school shootings, solutions to school violence, bullying verses teasing, warning signs of school tragedies.
Prospectus of Justice II: focuses on juvenile offenders remanded into the adult system, court process, and juvenile corrections facilities.
Prospectus of Justice III: focuses on ecstasy and raves, learning impairments of children exposed to crystal meth labs, roles of bullies & victims, educational and familial characteristics and patterns of juveniles remanded to adult system, analysis of criminal trials.
Prospectus of Justice IV: focuses on characteristics of at risk/high risk youth and strategies to work with them; such as runaways, violent, angry teens, hopelessness
Safe Schools: Perspectives of the Justice System: This course focuses on the domain’s of a youth’s life as it pertains to education, family, peers, media, and community. Participants will gain and understanding of the systems affecting youth. Topics also include gangs, how to deal with angry youth.

Other Courses:

University of Alaska Anchorage:

*Safe Schools: Youth Violence and Threat Assessment For Professionals: UAA EDL 550.705 (11/4-11/5/2011)

*Prevention and Intervention Strategies for High Risk Teens: University of Alaska Anchorage: UAA EDL 550.701 (9/13-12/13/2011)

*The Rage Within:
UAA EDL 550.108 (4.5-4/21/2011)
UAA EDL 550.107 (3/14-3/30/2011)
UAA EDL 550.105 (2/8-2/24/2011)
UAA EDL 550.104 (1/18-2/3/2011)
UAA EDL 550.707 (11/1-11/17/2010)
UAA EDL.TBD (10/5-10/23/2010)
UAA EDL 550.702 (9/13-9/29/2010)
UAA EDL 550.408 (5/1-5/21/2010)
UAA EDL 550.120 (4/5-4/26/2010)
UAA EDL 550.103 (3/2-3/30/2010)
UAA EDL 550.102 (2/2-2/25/2010)
UAA EDL 550.703 (11/3-11/19/2009)
UAA EDL 550.701 (9/8-10/1/2009)

*Faces of Bulling Through the Eyes of the Victim:
UAA EDL 550.101 (1/5-1/28/2010)
UAA EDL 550.702 (10/6-10/24/2009)
UAA EDL 550.103 (3/21-4/4/2009)
UAA EDL 550.101 (1/10-1/24/2009)
UAA EDL 550.707 (10/7-10/18/2008)
UAA EDL 550.701 (8/26-9/11/2008)

*Safe Schools: Perspective of the Justice System:
UAA EDL 550.104 (4/7-4/28/2009)
UAA EDL 550.102 (2/3-2/21/2009)
UAA EDL 550.708 (11/4-11/18/2008)
UAA EDL 550.101 (2008)
UAA EDL 550.702 (2007)
UAA EDL 550.701 (2007)

*Resiliency: Overcoming Adversity:
UAA EDL 550.104 (4/27-5/4/2012)
UAA EDL 550.104 (1/20/2/3/2012)

*Cyberbullying Through the Eyes of a Victim:
UAA EDL 550.108 (2/24-2/25/2012)

*Safe Schools: Perspectives of the Justice System:
UAA EDL 550.102 (2/3-2/21/2009)
UAA EDL 550.708 (11/4-11/18/2008)

Prospectus of Justice VI:
UAA EDU 592.217.006 (1/31-2/11/2006)
UAA EDU 592.119 (2/3-2/20/2005)

Alaska Pacific University

Prospectus of Justice I: Alaska Pacific University:
APU ED 592.117.021 (3/3-3/27/2007)
APU ED 592.117.020 (10/03-10/30/2006)
APU ED 592.117.019 (2/28-3/11/2006)
APU ED 592.117 (2/22-3/5/2005)
APU ED592.117 (11/2-11/13/2004)
APU ED 592.117 (9/20-10/2/2004)
APU ED 592.117 (5/3-5/15/2004)
Prospectus of Justice II: Alaska Pacific University:
APU EDU 592.118.020 (4/3-4/30/2007)
APU EDU592.18.019 (11/28-12/26/2006)
APU EDU592.118.018 (3/28/-4/8/2006)
APU EDU 592.118.017 (1/5-1/21/2006)
APU EDU592.118.006 (10/4-10/15/2005)
APU EDU 592.118 (4/5-4/23/2005)
APU EDU 592.118 (1/18-1/29/2005)
APU EDU 592.118 (10/12-10/23/2004)
Prospectus of Justice III: Alaska Pacific University:
APU EDUC59208 (9/16-9/30/2008)
APU EDUC59208.002 (6/16-6/19/2008)
APU 592.114.TBD (6/12-6/25/2007)
APU 592.114 (2/5-3/6/2007)
APU 592.114.025 (10/30-11/24/2006)
APU 592.114.024 (7/10-7/20/2006)
APU ED 592.114.023 (6/9-6/22/2006)
APU ED 592.119 (8/22-8/25/2005)
APU ED 592 (7/11-7/14/2005)
APU ED 592.118 (6/27-6/30/2005)
APU EDU 592.119 (8/23-8/26/2004)
APU ED 592.119 (7/6-7/9/2004)
APU EDU 592.119 (8/18-8/29/2004)
APU EDU 592.119 (6/24-6/30/2004)
APU EDU 592.199 (3/16-3/24/2004)
Prospectus of Justice IV: Alaska Pacific University:
APU ED592.217 (11/26-12/13/2008)
APU ED 592.217 (1/7-1/19/2008)
APU ED 592.217 (9/10-9/24/2007)
APU ED 592.217.007 (4/30-5/21/2007)
APU ED 592.217.007 (1/16-2/5/2007)
APU ED 592.217.006 (9/5-10/2/2006)
APU ED 592.217.005 (11/01-12/1/2005)
APU ED 592.217.004 (09/20-10/01/2005)
APU ED 592.217.003 (8/15-9/5/2005)
APU ED 592.219.002 (7/5-7/22/2005)