As a teenager, I think I sometime loose sight of what is important and significant in life, and fail to take advantage of the gifts that I’ve been given. All the speakers, in the Resiliency: Overcoming Adversity Conference, were so inspiring. Their strength was powerful. They all reminded me of my blessings. So, thank you […]

Once again fantastic – fabulous speakers with tremendously inspiring stories.

Very knowledgeable, no one could teach like Sue Magestro.

Every teacher, nurse, librarian and cafeteria worker should be required to take this course.

Patricia Barker

I hope you know what an impact you have on people everywhere. You are an amazing person, doing many, many good things. I appreciate and I thank you for letting me be a part of these learning experiences. You are one of my most favorite instructors of all time…and that means not only did I […]

Pat Brown

Over the years, I have taken more classes/courses than I care to remember. Hands down you are the instructor who has influenced me the most over the years. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the courses you present to us. In a nutshell, you give me what I need to be an effective teacher with […]

Bret Clark

I have had several useful and constructive talks with my son on a range of topics from bullying to media distortion. The time I spent speaking with my son about these topics was more than worth the money I spent learning from this conference. Thank you!

Enthusiastic-Very Knowledgeable -Phenomenal Rapport with law enforcement, crisis centers, and other agencies within communities

Sue was wonderful and a wealth of knowledge. Her information was presented in a way that was easy to understand.

School Administrator

I believe that parents should be educated about these topics; youth violence and school violence, as well. Knowledge is truly Power! We all need to have these tools to identify the indicators of violence.

Kevin Lynch

From the first class meeting, I was impressed that Susan was a criminologist and had worked in so many different capacities, such as undercover operations in Central America, gang activity in Anchorage, consulting to families with youth at risk, and conducting thorough studies of some young shooters. This all made this course a lot less […]

Debbie Mathys, Director

Susan Magestro isn’t just providing strategies, she’s saving lives.

Carrie Rosenberg

By Susan Magestro | Published: May 15, 2012

This information I learned has changed my way of thinking. I now have a new way to look at my students. I feel more prepared when a child or parent comes to talk to me about a bullying problem.

Bob Harty

This class Faces of Bullying Through The Eyes of the Victim, was possibly the most moving class I have ever taken.